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Football Training Ladder Triangular Buckle

Football Training Ladder Triangular Buckle

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Product information:
Material: plastic, nylon
Specifications: 6m 12-section ladder + drag umbrella + logo disc
Applicable scenes: fitness and bodybuilding, foot basket and volleyball sports, venue amusement equipment, table tennis, badminton, tennis, etc.
Colour: Yellow Ladder Set, Blue Ladder Set, Green Ladder Set, Large

1. Sports training suit: This sports training suit includes agility ladder, 5 yellow disc cones, 1 resistance parachute and draw rope.
2. Fully adjustable: the distance between the steps can be adjusted to suit your training scene. Use the included steel insert to hold it in place. The cone can be placed in various patterns. Mix it up to keep the exercise fun.
3. Jump, jump and run to reach your weight goal: add fun and variety to your aerobic exercise through our progressive exercise program with foot ladders and agile disc cones. This helps to lose weight safely, while improving your coordination and heart health.
4. The running parachute is designed to produce 11-33 pounds of resistance when sprinting, while performing speed and strength training. It effectively promotes explosive power and endurance, which is essential in track and field sports.
5. For us, nothing is more important than providing fitness products that are good for the body, good for the wallet, and calm inside. A wonderful gift for kids, coaches, athletes, personal trainers or anyone who likes sports training!

Weight: 1020g

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