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20pcs Agility Maker Cones

20pcs Agility Maker Cones

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  • 3 inch brightly coloured Cones, ideal for setting up field boundaries for agility drills, or for setting up obstacle courses. This slalom cones is in bright colour and mini figure, sure to be you perfect choice as Slalom Skating cones. Come in 20 pieces, these slalom cones are sure to bring you more convenience and fun for your activities or even to run training drills with a team. 


  • 3 inch brightly coloured Cones

  • A smooth, glossy, bright-coloured surface

  • Made of a thicken soft Polyethylene, Very durable

  • Flexible and flat top, in case a player falls on them

  • Comes in lot of 5 pieces, offer you more convenience

  • Use as a field or goal markers, obstacle markers, drills

  • Height: Approx. 3 inch

  • Base Diameter: Approx. 3inch

  • Material: PE

  • Please check and confirm the package content and the price before buying.

Package Includes:

  • 20 x slalom cones

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