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Sports 3D Gel Padded Anti-Slip Gym Fingerless Gloves

Sports 3D Gel Padded Anti-Slip Gym Fingerless Gloves

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Product Details:

Sports 3d gel padded half finger gloves
Invisible easy-pull design, easy to wear/take off
Comfortable, light weighted, breathable, shockproof, anti-slip, 3d attractive appearance
Good for: workout, cyclists, travellers, fitness. effectively protect your hands on lots of outdoor activities.
Material: cotton, microfiber, lycra, gel
Stretch breathable lycra, 95% cotton towels, hexagonal 3D gel shockproof, a foam filled in the palm to increase cushioning, slip resistant silicone
All colors available

M for those palm width of 7.5-8.5cm
L  for those palm width of 8.5-9.5cm
XL for those palm width of 9.5-10.5cm

Weight: 42g
Product Features:  
Gel silicon palm padded, 3d cutting, streamlined design.
Palm vented mesh material, extra strong shock protection.
High-grade lycra in expected, breathe freely, ultra-thin absorbent sweat towels, high elasticity.
Lightweight construction, double sewing process, increase the intensity.
Comfortable, breathable, attractive appearance.
Quick & easy fingers pull-off design. 
Fast wrist velcro fastener.
Package Contents:
1 pair of Sports Gel Padded Half-finger Gloves 

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