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Pull Up Assistance Bands Set Resistance Strap for Pull Up Assist for Men Women Hanging Training Chin-up Workout Body Stretching

Pull Up Assistance Bands Set Resistance Strap for Pull Up Assist for Men Women Hanging Training Chin-up Workout Body Stretching

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【Size】-- Our Pull Up Helper Band Set is equipped with 1PCS Knee/Feet Rest Support (measuring 40 x 8.5 cm / 15 x 3 in), Pull Up Assistance Bands (all measuring 107cm / 42" in length, 0.4cm / 0.16" in thickess, but varying in width, and overall resistance. Orange: 2.3cm / 0.9" in width, 40kg / 88lbs resistance; Red: 3cm / 1.2" in width, 60kg / 132lbs resistance.)

【Professional Quality Odourless & Strong】-- Enhance your stretching, strength training, and mobility with our elastic Pull-Up Bands. These bands are crafted out of layered elastic natural latex rubeer, which provides smooth and consistent tension. Layered elastic is also strong and durable. No sticking points or sudden snags. Great for Assisted Pull Ups, Weight Lifting, Pilates, Yoga, Stretching as well as any other body weight assisted exercises.

【Quick & Simple to Use】-- The pull up bar bands lets you use your weight with the natural force of gravity, can be hung to any gyms bars or pull-up bars easily. You can practice by either standing or kneel on the assist band or use the pull-up assist bands for push-up as well. Match your body height and adjust the D-ring Stap length to get vary resistance.

【Double D-ring Strap Firmly Secure & Easy To Adjust】-- Strap is made of thick polyester cotton which makes it extremely durable but still retains the softness of normal cotton. This solid practical strap provides a tight hold across several applications. Simply wrap the strap around what you are securing and feed it through both pieces of hardware, then back through one to tighten.

【Upgraded Feet/Knee Rest】-- It's more comfortable and lightweight than other rubber pads, helpful in assisting you in doing high-rep pull-ups with a full range of motion. The lengthened, widened and thicken design allows you to perform strength training safely and comfortably on the pull-up bar. It can not only be used for one foot or both feet to provide different degrees of assistance for the pull-up, but also be used to raise the legs, increase the difficulty of push ups.

Features & Benefits

The pull up assistance band system is designed to help those who can't complete pull-ups independently to gradually increase upper body and back strength until he can complete pull-ups on his own.

They’re designed for a variety of exercises and movements and will make for a great addition to your own gym, health club, physical therapy clinic, or personal collection of fitness equipment.

This system will quickly become an indispensable part of your life, helping you reach your fitness, strength, and weight loss goals much faster. Help you maintain your ideal weight and strength over time.

These heavy duty resistance loop bands are also extremely versatile, and can be used in other ways including stretching, powerlifting and mobility training

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